Action Group East Bergholt is a group of residents who feel passionately about our vibrant village community. We feel very strongly that we need to maintain our village ethos.


The building of large housing developments would turn the village we love into a suburban dormitory as lack of employment opportunities could only result in increased commuting.


We understand the need for communities to develop and for local housing requirements to be met.


We recognise the need, for example, for more affordable homes and sheltered accommodation. But provision should be driven by local need and not by developers’ profits.


East Bergholt: Potential housing development


Central government’s “National Policy Planning Framework” allows development on sites which previously would not have been considered: on greenfield sites outside village envelopes.


East Bergholt is one such village. It is the birthplace of John Constable and even in his day the area was known as Constable’s Country. Many of his most famous paintings are of scenes here and hardly anyone could fail to recognise The Haywain, The V & A’s recent Constable exhibition had paintings and sketches of East Bergholt scenes still recognisable today but very much at risk from being swallowed up by inappropriate developments.


One such development was shown to the village in November 2014 in a community engagement consultation by Knight Developments Limited and their agent Bidwells. They have not, as yet, made an application but the plans they put on show were for 144 houses (approx 15% increase on the current size of the village) on agricultural land on the edge of the village.


East Bergholt Parish Council began the arduous process of formulating a Neighbourhood Plan over a year ago. This will, once adopted, carry real weight in all planning decisions. All residents of the Parish have been asked what it is they value here and how they would like to see the village develop over the next twenty years.

The data from a 26 page questionnaire is being processed now. It is already apparent that the vast majority favour sensitive, moderate growth with no one development exceeding 15 homes and no large developments.

What the villagers cherish is the fact that East Bergholt is a village, not a town. It is a diverse and vibrant community, aware of the importance of Constable’s legacy and with a strong will to see it passed on to future generations of residents and visitors alike.

It is clear no decisions on developments, particularly if large in scale, should precede the adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan.



Action East Bergholt: Peter Dent 01206 298984


Useful Links:

East Bergholt Village Website has details of the Neighbourhood Plan eastbergholt.org.uk

Knight Developments scheme can be viewed at east-bergholt.bidwells.co.uk





Action East Bergholt represents villagers, passionate about their vibrant, diverse community, who stand determined to prevent large housing developments spoiling Constable’s village


Email: contact@actioneastbergholt.org.uk



EADT: Parish council’s High Court victory in fight against Constable country homes



EADT: EBPC win case over 10 homes in Judicial Review


From Peter Dent:

"We won our case at the Judicial Review in London over the last couple of days. We had two barristers against us – Babergh & additionally from the current land owner. Credit must go the Parish Council on this one as they put huge amounts of time & blood/sweat/ & toil into this one.


The judge refused both parties permission to appeal through the normal channels, they apparently have to go through the ‘Court of Appeal’ which is somewhat different & fairly costly. The Judges ‘Papers’ will arrive in due course when we will know the full details. But it would seem to be the main reason was that the planning officer misled the committee in relation to the housing needs, & there was considerable confusion & misleading information in many aspects of CS11 & CS2 – ie: their Local Plan."


See also EADT Article Wed 7th Dec:

"East Bergholt residents take fight to stop homes being built in Constable country to High Court"
































































East Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan

Referendum Result:


YES 1100 95%

NO 61 5%


Turnout : 51%

1163 from 2268 electors


Details of votes:

East Bergholt 849

East End 74

Postal 240

Spoilt or void 2

Total: 1163


Congratulations to the Neighbourhood Plan team and to the Parish Council.




*25-04-16 Parish Council vote for Judicial Review: EADT Article


*23-03-16 'Article 31' suspension of planning permission, link: A31


“In exercise of his powers under Article 31of the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015, the Secretary of State hereby directs your Council not to grant permission on this application without specific authorisation. This direction is issued to enable him to consider whether he should direct under Section 77 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 that the application should be referred to him for determination.”


The planning meeting links: - Further details - Photos




Dec. 2015, Visualisations of High Trees / Moores Lane proposed development -

Click on the Link: Visual


Update from Peter Dent 25-10-15


The Landscape Report is now available.


The links to the revised plans are on the Babergh website:

Northern Highway Access

Central Highway Access

Southern Highway Access


Alternatively you may view them here:





Aerial View of Moores Lane







Constable's Frame

A landscape artist's view of Moores Lane









EADT 14th July: 'Protest Signs Up' Anglia ITV 30th July 'Suffolk Campaigners'




Moores Lane Application now in at Babergh, see:


Application Summary


Planning Application Documents


Moores Lane Webpage



Tuesday 23rd June 2015 - the purpose being:

  • To update everyone as to where we are currently
  • What Action has to be taken now by (i) the Action Group and (ii) the Village.


The High School Tuesday 23rd June 7.45 p.m.


If we are to stop this development it is very important that as many people attend as possible. Not only will we cover where we are at the moment but we will also explain how to maximise the effectiveness of letters of objection.


Submissions have to be lodged at Babergh within a short time scale and this will be confirmed at the meeting.


If you care Please, Please come and help the village stop this totally disproportionate housing development of 144 homes at Moores Lane.

Re: B/15/00673 | Erection of 144 dwellings including 360sqm of single storey courtyard development to contain 4 B1 (business) units, public open space, associated landscaping and infrastructure. | Land north west of, Moores Lane, East Bergholt


The formal hearing will be in approximately 13 weeks from 1st June.


Objections have to be lodged by 7th July, but it may be possible to extend this.


Your objections have to be produced as individuals, that is, not from a template or pre-written form letter.


More details to follow...

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